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What is OSHAcademy? About OSHAcademy
Where are you located? About OSHAcademy
How can I contact you? About OSHAcademy
Who is Geigle Safety Group? About OSHAcademy
Do you have a Dun & Bradstreet (D&B) number? About OSHAcademy
Is your company accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB)? About OSHAcademy
Is OSHAcademy affiliated with the US Department of Labor (DOL) or Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)? About OSHAcademy
Does OSHAcademy issue US Department of Labor DOL or OSHA cards? About OSHAcademy
Why do the certificates I just purchased look different than the ones I purchased previously? About OSHAcademy
How can I translate the OSHAcademy website into another language? Accessibility
How can I access a text to speech reader on your website? Accessibility
How is your training different from others? Training
Is the training available in languages other than English? Training
Why do I see advertisements throughout the training? Training
Does OSHAcademy training satisfy OSHA "hands-on" training requirements? Training
What is the difference between a program and a course? Training
What is the difference between a knowledge check and a course exam? Training
How do I know if I passed the course exam? Training
How long do I have to complete a course or program? Training
How many times can I take a course exam? Training
Why should I document my training? Training
Why doesn't my transcript show all my courses? Training
What are OSHA's guidelines on safety training? Training
Will I be "certified" after training? Training
Will I be qualified to conduct safety training for my company after completing a course or program? Training
Do OSHAcademy online courses qualify for continuance of certification (COC) points? Training
Are OSHAcademy courses "recognized"? Training
Why doesn't OSHAcademy training claim to be OSHA- "approved," "certified," or "authorized" by OSHA? Training
What is the purpose of the Training Dashboard? Training
What is required to be a safety trainer for my company? Training
Do my course certificates expire? Training
Will the American Embassy in my country (not the US) authenticate OSHAcademy certificates? Training Authentication
Can I have my certificate or transcript authenticated by the US Department of State? Training Authentication
Is your training free? Fees & Payments
What is the fee to document my training? Fees & Payments
Do I have to pay for a certificate or program before I start my training? Fees & Payments
Can I use a purchase order (P.O.)? Fees & Payments
Can I get a business discount for registering multiple people? Fees & Payments
How can I receive an additional certificate? Fees & Payments
Is the online credit card payment secure? Fees & Payments
What is your refund policy? Fees & Payments
What forms of payment do you accept? Fees & Payments
Do you accept payments from Nigeria & Ghana? Fees & Payments
How do you ship certificates? Shipping
How long will it take for me to receive my certificates? Shipping
Can I track my package? Shipping
I live in a very remote region. Can you ship directly to me? Shipping
What date format do you use? General
What is your privacy policy? General