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570 School Safety: Athletics Supervision
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The numbers of young athletes keep growing at a rapid pace. They can now compete at the grade school level, in recreation departments, and at the high school level.

Proper supervision of athletes allows coaches to better understand the individual needs and capabilities of the participants.

This course looks at several important topics, including concussions and other health risks, weight room and athletic field safety.

Course Objectives

At the end of this course, you should be able to:
ID Objective
TO 1.0 Achieve a minimum score of 70% on the final course assessment.
LO 1.1.1 Describe the hazards coaches face, especially the danger signs and response to concussions.
LO 1.1.2 Discuss the threats to athletes as a result of heat stroke and cardiac arrest.
LO 1.2.1 Describe the hazards to which students are exposed while working out in weight rooms.
LO 1.2.2 Describe the typical injuries that can be anticipated in the weight room.
LO 1.2.3 Discuss the process of inspecting and maintaining weight rooms to help prevent injuries.
LO 1.2.4 Summarize important safety rules for students using weight rooms.
LO 1.3.1 Discuss best practices and policies for maintaining security at athletic events.
LO 1.3.2 Describe ways to best prepare for and respond to emergencies at athletic events.
LO 1.3.3 Discuss an action plan for inspecting athletic facilities.
LO 1.3.4 Describe best practices and policies when there is a potential for lightning.

Key: Terminal Objective (TO), Learning Objective (LO)