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Diproinduca USA Limited, a global company for the last 30 years, specializes in managing by-products and making alternative raw materials. They have several locations in the United States, including their main office in Ohio. Their 60 employees work in industries like steel, oil, and mining.

James Schmidt, the Safety Director, thinks it's super important to have a strong safety culture at work. “By everyone taking safety seriously, it means that operations are conducted in a safe manner and allows us to focus on and provide the best service available to our client,” Schmidt added. Management is invested in the company’s safety program and lead by setting up roles and responsibilities. They also make sure there's a good environment where everyone can talk about safety and health openly.

Diproinduca employees participate in Behavior Based Safety (BBS) Cards, perform audits, and attend daily safety meetings and toolbox talks. Currently, workers complete several OSHAcademy courses and programs, including 155 Welding Safety: Basic, 745 Welding, Cutting, and Brazing Safety, 10-hour General Industry Safety and Health Program, 30-hour General Industry Safety and Health Program, 132-hour OSH Professional Program, 192-hour Construction Safety and Health Program, and the 40-hour HAZWOPER for General Site Workers Program. “OSHAcademy allows my safety team to stay current in their studies which allows our company to meet our goals of keeping our employees safe and return home to their families and back to work,” Schmidt says. He thinks the training helps his team work safely and not create dangers. He also believes it makes employees more aware, reduces accidents, keeps good workers, makes work more efficient, creates a stronger work culture, saves money, and lowers stress. He appreciates that OSHAcademy offers an efficient way to train his safety coordinators, saving him from having to organize offsite training sessions or personally conduct the training himself.

By partnering with OSHAcademy, Schmidt believes they have been able to provide safety managers and safety coordinators with extra training and refresher training that has helped reduce injuries and accidents for the company. Schmidt adds, “As safety professionals, we take this knowledge and share it with fellow teammates to ensure they have the tools to work safely in the workplace.”

OSHAcademy would like to recognize Diproinduca USA Limited for their continued efforts toward workplace safety and health.

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