As a business client, you are eligible to receive discounts for OSHAcademy training certificates. There are two discount structures a business may choose from.

Pay as You Go

If you "pay as you go" it means you intend to pay for your employees training certificates after they complete their training courses. The business discount is applicable only for the amount you're purchasing for each individual invoice.

Pay Ahead of Time

If you "pay ahead of time", OSHAcademy will create a credit in our system for the training certificates you would like to purchase for your employees (before they have taken the training). If an employee doesn't end up completing the training, we can simply transfer the credit to a different employee. There is no deadline for using the credit. The credit will remain in our system until you have used it. You will also likely reach the higher spending threshold, which will ensure you receive the highest discount rate. Also, if you pre-pay your invoice, OSHAcademy will apply the invoiced amount to the business discount you receive for the next pre-paid invoice you request. For example, if you pre-pay $750 for certificates you would receive a 10% discount and then six months later you pre-pay $750 for another batch of certificates, you will receive a 15% discount.

Working With a Training Budget?

If your company has an annual budget designated for safety training, paying ahead of time will help ensure your training costs stay within budget. And, unlike subscription services, if you don't use your training credit, you won't lose anything.


Invoice Amount Discount Rate
$250+ 5%
$500+ 10%
$1000+ 15%
$2000+ 20%

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