Stairways and ladders are a major source of injuries and fatalities among workers. This training course is designed to provide employees with the knowledge needed to work safely on stairways and ladders.

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Modules: 3
Hours: 1
Sectors: General Industry, Construction


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  • Key Topics

    • Types of Ladders
    • Portable Ladders
    • General Requirements for Ladders
    • Securing Ladders
    • Ladder Angle
    • General Requirements for Stairways
    • Stair Rail and Handrail Requirements
    • Stairways Used During Construction
  • Target Audience

    • Employee
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

The OSHA standard that applies to ladder safety regulations is 1926.1060.

You need to receive training when you initially begin your job duties, and any time changes occur (such as you begin using a new type of ladder that you have never used before).

Yes. Students and employers can validate the course 603 Stairway and Ladder Safety training certificate using our website. It's quick and easy! You can feel confident knowing the certificate is valid and was issued by OSHAcademy.

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